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The thoughts and opinions stated in this blog are just that: thoughts and opinions. I do not expect everyone to see eye to eye, but I can promise this: everything here is honest based on my likes and dislikes.

Also, I am not a professional reviewer of books. This blog is merely a place where I can put my thoughts into words, better understanding my own musings.

Thank you.

Three Days Till Dawn

Three Days Till Dawn (Antiquity’s Gate book #1)

Author: R. F. Hurteau

Published: August 27th 2019

Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy

Antiquity's Gate forced two realities to collide-what followed tore one of them apart. Now those who remain coexist beneath the shelter of a domed Antarctic city, held together by a tenuous peace and an increasingly dystopian hierarchy. Any hope of one day leaving the confines of Sanctuary is little more than a fading ember. A mid-level systems operator, Ripley does his best to stay out of trouble. His best friend Felix, an irreverent half-breed shunned by society, can't seem to do the same. When Felix's family is targeted by an unjust law, there's nowhere to run. The city of Sanctuary had once been a safe haven-now it has become a cage. Ripley's desperate attempt to help his friends escape tragedy uncovers a conspiracy that envelops the last refuge of mankind in an ever-tightening net. The people of Sanctuary have never seen a sunrise. If Ripley and Felix aren't prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, none of them ever will.

I seriously gobbled this book right up. I fell in love with the characters and their diverse habits and behaviors. From the beginning, it was as though I was watching a movie, it was written so well.

And the award for My Favorite Character goes to… Felix! (I mean, duh, who wouldn’t like Felix?), but certain other characters pulled at my heartstrings, also. For example, Ripley. I see him as someone who takes on trouble with such serenity and grace, as opposed to Felix, who speaks his mind (which is one of his traits I like most). Realistically, however, as much as I love Felix, being the introvert I am, I truly think Ripley and I would be best friends.

Something else I really love about the book is the courage it demonstrates. If we all brought just a sliver of that courage into our lives today, bringing good to the world, we’d live in a healthier place!

Now, there wasn’t quite the dive into a romantic sub-plot, BUT, in this case, I didn’t even need it. There was too much action and surprises waiting around every corner, I didn’t have time to ship a couple (well, I mean there IS Felix and Willow!).

The writing I found to be excellent and snarky at times, and it flowed brilliantly throughout the story.

I’m not gonna say I cried at the end… but I totally did. Were they happy tears? Tears of devastation? Well, now that is something you’ll have to find out for yourself. I’m not one to spoil!

In the end, I give Three Days Till Dawn FIVE stars. Why? Because I didn’t feel like it was missing anything, and it had clear descriptions, especially for sci-fi. The action didn’t stop until there were literally no more words to read, which of course left me eager to read more.

Hats off to you, R. F. Hurteau!

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