Blood of the Forgotten
coming to City Limits Publishing
Feb 23rd, 2021!

While others her age struggle to understand themselves, Hayden strives to remember who she is.

An unknown demon is grappling for her body and mind, yet the only person she can turn to is the one who hunts her.

Calling a truce, Hayden agrees to help Hutch McLaren dissolve a conflict with his uncle once and for all, with the promise of answers regarding her past in return.

Why is she alone? Where is her brother? And what force of nature is threatening to erase her from within?

It soon becomes evident Hayden has been caught in the crossfire between dangerous individuals. When the time comes she knows she must take her life back into her own hands, forgotten or not.

Yet, she does not anticipate the need to fight for her life in more than one way, nor does she expect she will be forced to risk on life for others.

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