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Red Blossom

Blood of the Forgotten


Red Paint

All Hutch wants is to complete his disciplinary assignment and go back to hunting Forgotten: Demons wearing human skin and thirsting after madness.

Until, that is, he encounters someone recently afflicted by the demon phenomenon.


Hayden doesn’t know who she is, but it soon becomes evident her mind is a host for something evil in nature. Her only hope of conquering this unseen enemy is by returning to someplace familiar: home, wherever that may be.


When Hutch and Hayden strike up a deal to help each other–she will help him finish the one job impeding his hunter lifestyle, and he swears to get her home–they don’t expect the escalated death toll in the city… or the threatening texts from a mysterious sender.


In a tale where the hunter becomes the hunted, no one can be trusted–not even each other. Failure to meet their goals means Hayden’s demon will snuff her out of her own mind, and Hutch will lose his freedom… or even his life, if this mysterious new enemy catches up to him first.

Blood of the Forgotten expected October 2024!
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Blood of the Forgotten

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