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Real Quick

The thoughts and opinions stated in this blog are just that: thoughts and opinions. I do not expect everyone to see eye to eye, but I can promise this: everything here is honest based on my likes and dislikes.

Also, I am not a professional reviewer of books. This blog is merely a place where I can put my thoughts into words, better understanding my own musings.

Thank you.

Remember Six of Crows? What about the other books in the Grishaverse?

Shadow and Bone - Siege and Storm - Ruin and Rising - Six of Crows - Crooked Kingdom - King of Scars

What about Rule of Wolves? That is the last one, after all.

Well, to be honest, I'm done after King of Scars. Now, I might be missing out, but I've lost interest.

Here's the scope of my opinion:

The writing is fantastic. No complaint there. Five stars on Bardugo's style.

The characters? There are a lot of characters. I'm the kind of person who gets annoyed quite easily with so many POVs. Two perspectives? No problem-o. But then we got the perspective of someone who dies in the end and that I found annoying. Just not my cup of tea.

As mean spirited as I may seem, I will offer my praise to my favorite character: Nikolai. He is the most charming of them all, he made me laugh and cry. It would be a lie to say I wasn't swooning for him, call me basic, idc.

And the plot? Nice, nice. Not much to complain about, only that my ADHD causes me to get bored pretty fast. One book, two books, three books in the grishaverse, cool. Four books, five books, SIX books in the grishaverse... okay, I'm done.

Some might say, "What about Harry Potter? You're obsessed with that and it's made up of seven books. Not to mention the other Wizarding World experiences one could read."

Yeah, well... HP is different. HP is... my precious.

After reading the King of Scars, I felt as though that were a good enough ending for me. Let's wrap it up and call it a day, before I'm left bitter (Matthias dying? uh-uh, I was in love with him, okay? *cries*)

Anyway. If you want to know my rating for the series, I'd give it a solid four stars, only because I wasn't left with a tug to read any more.

Characters? Five stars. They were all well crafted... a little too well... (Matthias, why? WHY?)

That sums it up for this series then!

I'll have another series to review next month, so stayed tuned!


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