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Real Quick

The thoughts and opinions stated in this blog are just that: thoughts and opinions. I do not expect everyone to see eye to eye, but I can promise this: everything here is honest based on my likes and dislikes.

Also, I am not a professional reviewer of books. This blog is merely a place where I can put my thoughts into words, better understanding my own musings.

Thank you.

Evil Bunny Empire

Bubbly. This is the word a stranger once used to describe me. It was New Year's Eve and I was out for a drive (one of my many hobbies). For the first time ever, I purchased my own lottery tickets *spoiler alert, I did not win*.

Embarrassingly enough, I had no idea they were to be purchased cash only, so I fumbled around in my purse, unearthing any dollar bill and loose change I could find.

Uncomfortable situations warrant mindless babbling on my part, so naturally I made a fool of myself. The clerk didn't find me awkward... or maybe he did.

"You have a very bubbly personality," he told me.

Perhaps in Tennessee that means, "Stop blundering and pay me already."

As a six-year resident, I'm still unsure.

The fact of the matter is, though I may appear bubbly (or blundering), socializing is difficult for me. For this reason, I have always been determined to publish traditionally. It could only be less stressful to have someone point me in the right direction, telling me what I need to do and when. My attention is already split into multiple story lines of potential novels. How could I possibly have time to worry about sales, marketing and numbers? My brain wasn't wired that way!

Humor me a moment, there is a plot twist.

After signing a contract with a new publishing company, the excitement I knew I should feel wasn't present. Someone believed in me! I was going to have my debut novel published!

Yeah, nothing.

Picture this: You meet a perfect individual, someone you know would make an exceptional partner. They have all the right qualities, yet... there's no chemistry. You tell yourself to push on with this wedding, surely the chemistry will come later.

But it doesn't.

That's what it was like for me. Instead of being excited, I turned further and further into myself, spiraling slowly into a dark place. I couldn't muster the motivation to do anything productive; I couldn't write, which has always been my safe haven.

Three months after my book, Blood of the Forgotten, became available on most major platforms, I made a business decision: I ended my contract with my publisher.

In all honesty, I thought I'd feel more depressed than ever before, however... I have never been more energized! I've never been so stoked to take the world in stride!

I cannot take all the credit. The incredible authors who have been on the journey with me have been such a blessing. Then, there is my very dear friend, Tiffany Easterling (and favorite author, but don't tell her I said that), who has had the most faith in my writing and ability to come up with enjoyable stories. She's taken me under her wing, showing me the ins and outs of self-publishing and all she knows of the art of being an indie author.

Now, I am proud to announce the return of the urban fantasy, YA fiction novel Blood of the Forgotten.

There will be a scheduled day for release soon! And don't forget about the new cover reveal!


That's right. I will be at Dragon Con September 2021 in Atlanta, GA with the wonderful Tiffany Easterling. If you wish to come and hang out, maybe even buy a book (I know you want to... because I do), just look for the coolest table.

Okay, more specifically, look for the green and pink bunny munching on a heart. Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves Evil Bunny Empire!

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