About Me

J. M. Cavender

At the age of eight, I discovered my passion for writing. Over the years I have experimented and tested the waters of different genres and writing techniques. That being said, at twenty-eight I find I have nestled quite cozily in the genre I am currently writing – fantasy.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I get too comfortable for too long, I tend to develop cramps – that goes for my writing as well. I am ever-changing, determined to grow and improve with every year that goes by.

Being a dreamer by nature, I find inspiration in practically everything, be that music, gorgeous scenery or an average day-to-day situation. Sometimes life could use a little sprucing up. (I said sometimes.)

If I had to name one weakness, I would say I am a little too compassionate in this dog-eat-dog world, but to counter that, I am merely trying to find the silver lining in everything and maintain my faith in God and humanity.

As for a strength: my heart goes into whatever I set my mind to. What can I say? I am a passionate person.

The goal for my writings is, as the author, I wish to fade into the background while the readers find a connection with the characters. My writing has to be on point, because if the readers cannot sympathize with the hero of the story, the writer is to blame.

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